7 CLUES YOUR EX WANTS YOU BACK: the points you didn’t consider

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7 Clues Your Ex Wants You Back?


Finally huh.


Ok, what you’re about to read can reveal if you have a chance with your ex. Look for these clues because even if they—your ex—protest otherwise? Your “story” is still very much being written (smile.)

The following can reveal whether or not you have a chance with your ex.



Begin —


Emotional — 1/7 — What is the opposite of love? It’s not hate. It’s apathy which is a complete lack of interest.

If your ex is indifferent about you, they might have moved on. Indifferent means no emotion at all one way or the other. And that’s bad if you’re hoping to get back together.

So a clear signal they haven’t moved on (and therefore you have a chance) is if they’re still emotional about what happened, and with you.


The more emotional, the bigger the signal.


Big intense emotions signal a strong link between you both.


And yes, this includes ANGER as well.


Because if your ex is MAD, if they yell or say nasty things about you to whoever will listen?..


While it seems like a bad sign, it actually shows your ex is STILL emotionally invested in you in some way. And gives you something to work on.


Make sense?


Of course, how you work on that is another topic for another day.


Contact — 2/7 — If your ex contacts you, whether by text, Facebook, email, phone or in person (etc) then you are obviously on their mind.


And not just on their mind..


Because they were compelled to reach out to you.


Reactions — 3/7 — I’ll keep this one brief. The 3rd clue is simply whether or not you get a reaction from your ex if you disappear off their “radar” for a while (i.e. no contact — more on that later.) If they get UPSET or perturbed, you have a signal they’re not done with you yet.


The whole NC(No Contact) thing is powerful. It really works when done right (backfires when not.)


If you do it how you’re supposed to do it, and your ex is affected by it then you have more evidence that you have a CHANCE to win them back.


Approval — 4/7 — We all seek it, and want it, even if we’d rather not admit it. Approval is one of the three core drivers that all humans share.


If your ex boasts or brags about something they’ve done or achieved, it’s just them displaying their need for your approval.


If they somehow manage to tell you about a thing they’ve done they’re proud of?


You now know why.


They care how YOU perceive them. And that right there.. is a clue.


Rebound — 5/7 — This one is tough to witness. It’s when your ex appears to “move on” REALLY QUICKLY..


Because rather than take time to process the ending of your relationship, they’re back out there in a matter of weeks dating somebody else.


This usually reveals they’re NOT over you. They have this big HOLE in their life that you left and they’re looking to fill it super-quick with ANYBODY they can find.


People who move on quickly haven’t moved on at all.


Touch — 6/7 — We do not touch those we don’t like. It’s an unconscious choice. If I don’t like you, I won’t touch you.


If when you cross paths with your ex, they touch you, then that can signal affection. It’s an unconscious action. Born from “I like this person, I feel comfortable with this person” tendencies.


It can reveal conflicted emotions.


Questions — 7/7 — Pretty simple really. If you ex asks questions about you, and especially if they ask you questions directly, they are demonstrating an interest in you.


It may be a small thing, but it can show they still care about you.


And that can be enough to build on.


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