IN HIS HEAD part 1 (Poetry by ADEPRAIZ)


By Adepraiz

Cause and effects
Mind’s Conflict unresolved

Slippery steeps from uncertain aspirations
Unsettled are you not?
Crossroads leading nowhere?
Help me make sense of it now and here!

All and sundrel observe and watch
Sink or swim they want to know your options
We thought our Turmoil had seized
Seemed like ripple effects
“He is unbalanced!” Said the Psychotic analyst

I came in Glorious Ascension
Dripping in olive oil and honey
From my christener to the Godmother holding me up
I squeezed her hand and sneezed, she laughed!
“the boy is ready for work” she said
Thus my journey began
Elizabeth said, “this my boy you have such potential

You will be a creator”
“You will be a Narrator” Richard said that instead
Well a Creative narrator would not have much to live on now would he?

“Ignore them” my head said.
Carve your wood. Find your way.
I tried but I’m lost, all appears to be in disarray

Elizabeth is no more
From Richard? I refused to know more
Sink or swim! They want to know what next
Banter just to watch me spill milk

Uproar of cheers and support all leading nowhere
Better clam up fools
Better watch me fail or succeed
To know what happens next?
Follow the rugged trail in his head”

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